In Germany there are over 92.000 sports clubs with nearly 24 million members. Whether playing darts in a smoky pub or training boxing in a sticky gym – while doing sports, everything else becomes irrelevant. In my portrait series I show amateur sportsmen and -women, who are very different. But all of them are united by their love for the game. All portraits were taken in or nearby Hanover, Germany. The series is my homage to the amateur sport.

Mara, 13 years, FC Schwalbe Döhren

Günter, 79 years, TSV Kirchdorf

Leon, 13 years, Hannover Spartans

Florens, 16 years, 2er Skatepark

Giuliana, 20 years, TuS Wunstorf

Richard, 18 years, Döhren

Sonja, 53 years, TG Waspo

Manfred, 57 years, Hannoverscher DSC

Jan, 41 years, MGC Olympia Kiel

Waltraut, 78 years, Bohlentrimmer

Birgit, 62 years, 1. Frauen-Ruder-Club Hannover

Georg, 80 years, Badenstedter SC